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Elding Whale Watching - Reykjavík

Elding Whale Watching Reykjavik is a merger of Elding Whale Watching and Hafsúlan Whale Watching (WWC). The company is now the largest whale watching operator in Iceland and is conveniently located in the Old Harbour of Reykjavik.  For the first 1,5 year the company was run under the name Reykjavík Whale Watching but the name was changed in September 2008 to Elding Whale Watching Reykjavík.

The Whale Watching Centre has been operating since spring 1998. For whale watching and entertaining tours WWC operated Mv. Hafsulan, which is a high speed catamaran that can carry 150 passengers and Mb. Gestur, used for deep sea fishing tours, able to carry 38 passengers. Elding Whale Watching has been operating since May 2000. Elding owns two boats as well, the Elding I, a cruiser for 150 passengers with 3 viewing platforms and Elding II, a luxurious motor yacht that carries up to 38 passengers. Elding Whale Watching Reykjavik has therefore four superb boats for all kinds of adventures on sea.

Our Information Centre/Exhibition, a multimedia presentation about whales, seabirds and other marine life, is housed in a converted fishing vessel alongside the touring vessels. Admission to the exhibition is free for all our passengers. All our trips include sightseeing around the puffin islands during the puffin season, from May 20th to August 15th.

The various types of whales commonly sighted include minke whales, white-beaked dolphins, harbour porpoises and the popular humpback whales. While we sail, we are accompanied by sea birds such as gannets, puffins, guillemots, cormorants, gulls, kittiwakes, arctic terns and more.

To ensure that the animals are not disturbed by our presence, we approach the whales very carefully.

Elding Whale Watching Reykjavik takes part in a sustainable development with an environmental policy. To develop and implement our policy and to manage our environmental aspects, we use Environmental Management Systems. We are now a member of Green Globe 21 (benchmarked), a worldwide benchmarking and certification program, which facilitates sustainable travel and tourism, and member of the Blue Flag.

Whale watching tours are scheduled from all year long:

Reservations: elding@elding.is and hafsulan@hafsulan.is

Tel: (+354) 555 3565 & (+354) 533 2660
Fax: +354 554 7420 & (+354) 421 2517

Elding  Whale Watching Reykjavík
Ćgisgarđur 7 101 Reykjavík



Terms and conditions of Elding RWW
Important to keep in mind when going out at sea…
o         Please be aware that we are sailing in the open Atlantic Ocean. The weather in Iceland can be unpredictable and can change rapidly, therefore the captain can decide to cancel the tour on short notice for safety reasons.
o         Please be aware that the weather on land can be totally different from the condition at sea. The captain always estimates the sea conditions based on informaion from the Icelandic Weather Report, the Icelandic Maritime Administration and years of experience.
o         Please be aware that people are very different regarding sea sickness. Please ask for sea sickness tablets if you think that you are sensitive for sea sickness. We provide them free of charge.
o         Please take good notice of the safety information that is provided in the beginning of the tour. This is very important for your own safety.
o         Please be aware that the tour is run in wild nature and we can not control what or when we spot the animals. We do our best and use our expertise in the area but there is no guarantee and we do not refund the ticket price due to no sightings. We do however offer our passengers a complimentary tour if there are no sightings on the tour. Please note that complimentary tickets are only valid for return passengers.
o         On board we offer warm overalls, raincoats and blankets, but we strongly recommend to dress warmly as the arctic winds at sea can be chilly, even on the warmest days.
o         Our crew members do their best to assist you on the tours so please turn to one of them if you are not feeling well, need information or need any assistant.
o         Please always walk backwards down all stairs on board the boat and hold on to the handrail.
o         Please be aware that the deck/floor on the boat can be wet and therefore slippery.
o         Please always hold on to something solid to maintain your balance, as the boat is constantly moving and there is a possibility of falling.
o         Please take good care of all children, children under 12 years old are required to wear life jackets during the tour.
o         Our priority is our passengers’ safety, comfort and pleasure. All safety regulations and demands of the Icelandic Maritime Administration are met and fulfilled. Members of the crew are skilled and experienced; they have gone through the STCW training at Maritime Safety and Survival Training Centre in Reykjavik.
We hope that you will enjoy our service.



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