14. mars 2013

Although we have generally been quite happy with the weather in the past few months we are kind of looking forward to the summer now. There have surely been some positive signs lately with the sunny days, good sightings and the beautiful late sunsets in the evenings. Last

02. jan˙ar 2013

The year 2012 has been an interesting year for us. Early on our contract with the city regarding the Vi­ey Ferry was renewed for the next five years. We were also really proud when our General Manager and the owner of Elding, Rannveig GrÚtarsdˇttir, received the 2012 FKA Acknowledgement

05. desember 2012

December is truly the time when we all get into our holiday spirit. It is magical walking around admiring the appearance of the city as we light up our surroundings. As always the Christmas Harbour is an interesting place to visit during the holidays with all it's quirky

30. oktˇber 2012

The WhaleFest was held in Brighton last weekend and attracted over 6000 visitors. Having been there last year we were sure that this was an event we didn't want to miss. It is inspiring to see all the great whale watching sites around the world, the great

05. oktˇber 2012

The IMAGINE PEACE TOWER will be relit during a peaceful ceremony next Tuesday on 9 October which is John Lennonĺs day of birth. Like previous years Yoko Ono invites us to attending the ceremony with a free sailing to Vi­ey Island on that occasion. The program

04. oktˇber 2012

ReykjavÝk Film Festival (RIFF) is in full swing and movie lovers should find plenty to chose from in the cinemas. Like previous years we take part in RIFF around the corner . This year we will run the Icelandic documentary Kvikur sjˇr directed by Ůorsteinn Jˇnsson in

23. september 2012

A new global community for saving the whales is on the rise. This is the Save the Whales: Reloaded campaign that will be launched at this October's World Whale Conference in Brighton, England. This campaign is built on the groundwork that began 30 years ago when the original

03. september 2012

Recently a new CD came out containing songs and sounds of the Icelandic Humpback Whales. It is based on recordings gathered for research purposes by researchers a the University of Iceland. They've spent years on gathering data using deployed underwater acoustic recorders. We have to say that