Monday, 23 April 2012

Tour at 1300 Once again it was a great Whale Watching tour, many Minke Whales, Harbour Porpoises and Puffins. Everywhere we looked there was something coming to the surface. We got word of a Humpback Whale further out so we went to try and find it, we searched and searched but unfortunetly Mr/Mrs Humpie was not to be found. More Minkes however and we are even seeing individals from previous years. On this tour we saw Humpie the Minke Whale which has a dorsal fin a bit like, funny enough, a humpback whale which was first recorded in 2011. Whoo hoo!

Tour at 0900 We headed out from Reykjavik old harbour on calm seas, and great visibility. On the way to the main whale watching grounds about 30 minutes sailing we saw many Puffins and Harbour Porpoises. Then when further offshore we started to see Minke Whales (3-4 individuals), Gannets diving and many seabirds feeding. Then suddenly it all stopped, birds flew away minkes disappeared. Its incredible how quickly nature changes. It was a little while then before we saw anything else except Puffins and Porpoises which all the passengers where pointing out and photographing but after that little while we got to see more Minkes and some of them surfaced close to the boat. Great to see all the Minkes, Porpoises and many Puffins but we hope to see the Humpback back soon.