Mélanie Magnan

Mélanie joined Elding in April 2022, she has a MSc in Marine Biology and has 2 years of experience as a whale watching guide in Madeira. Mélanie has also volunteered with marine research organisations in New Zealand, the United States, the Netherlands and Madeira, where she currently assists. Her passion for seals growing up is what made her be so interested in marine mammal science.

I love working for Elding because of the emphasis they try to make on sustainability and research. For me it is really important that whale watching companies see beyond tourism and try, as much as they can, to make a positive impact on our planet. I love guiding and seeing those magnificent creatures every day, but I especially like to share my knowledge regarding cetaceans and raise awareness. I consider it important to educate regarding why whales are so important for us, and for everyone to understand that as scientists we do not just do what we do because we love seeing them, but mostly because of their incredible value in our ecosystems.

Mélanie speaks fluent French, Portuguese, English as well as conversational Spanish.

Naturalist & Deckhand
00354 519 5000