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    Whale diary

    Responsible Tourism - a meeting with the Icelandic president

    This past Tuesday (10 January 2017), Elding and Whale Safari were among 250 travel planners and tour operators that signed a statement about responsible tourism in Iceland. The purpose of the project is to ensure that Iceland will be an optimal tourist destination in the future and to support the sustainability for future generations of the nation. Responsible tourism means that companies take responsibility for the impact of their operations on the environment and society.


    The companies involved intend to promote responsible tourism by:

    • Take care and respect nature
    • Be curteous and ensure the safety of our guests 
    • Respect the rights of our workers
    • Have a positive impact on the environment


    Representatives from Elding were Rannveig Grétarsdóttir and Sara Sigmundsdóttir along with Reynar Ottósson for Whale Safari.