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    Whale diary

    SUNDAY, 1 APRIL 2018

    Tour status: RUNNING 

    Tour at 13:00

    Report from Eldey: We started afternoon cruise with similar condition like in the morning. It was cloudy but sea was mostly calm. After an hour cold wind started to blow in our faces, breaking tops of the waves but it was still comfortable to sail with this conditions as boat was not moving much. Our goal was to spot Easter bunnies in shape of cetaceans. We were trying to check under flock of birds and all we could see were few, 5- 6, harbour porpoises. Even if these animals were rather elusive we had an unique chance to see them leaping out of the water! It was great experience but we were keep looking for something bigger. We saw some northern gannets, one of our favorite birds, usually leading us to whales or dolphins, but unfortunately not this afternoon. We hope to see more animals next time and we offered complimentary tickets to our passengers. 

    - Ewa Malinowska 

    Tour at 09:00

    Report from Eldey: Happy Easter day! Even though it is spring, a light snowfall was our welcoming today. Nonetheless, seastate was wonderful and it didn't take long to find cetaceans this morning. We spotted some birds flocking near the entrance of Hvalfjordur and once we got closer we spotted a huge amount of white-beaked dolphins. In total we saw at least 2 pods of 15-20 of them while they were hunting. They were very kind jumping around us and doing a bit of "human-watching" surfacing close to the boat. We carried on the trip enjoying the views of the bay and in the way back we spotted again two pods of dolphins, at least 10-15 of them feeding and giving us nice look at them. Dolphinetely, it was a great tour.

    -Rodrigo A. Martinez Catalan

    Bird species seen on today's tours include: eider duck, northern fulmar, northen gannet, black-legged kittiwake, great black-backed gull, great cormorant, black guillemot, razorbill.

    We are sailing out from the Old Harbour in Reykjavik today. Sea conditions are favorable, but we do have complimentary sea sickness tablets at the ticket office and on the boat. All our boats have inside and outside areas and to make the tour even more comfortable we provide warm overalls. Hope you will be able to join us today.