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    Whale diary

    THURSDAY, 12 APRIL 2018

    Status: RUNNING

    Tour at 13:00 

    Report from Eldey: What a day! After successful morning we couldn't wait to sail again. Sea conditions were even slightly better because we couldn't feel swell so much. It was still flat and overcast so our eyes easily could spot all animals around us. When we were leaving harbour 2 harbour porpoises decide to join us and for a while were swimming next to us. They were almost bow riding! 20 minutes later we got a call from other boat. After arriving to the place we were welcome by humpback whale. We give this animal space so first we were watching it from the distance when whale was surfacing and showing us fluke when going for dive. |There were also some white-beaked dolphins jumping far away in distance. Whale stick to our left side of the boat and for our huge surprise once breached just next to us! It's incredible to watch this huge and heavy animals jumping easily out of the water. After this shock, whale surface few times very close to us. In the same area we noticed presence of minke whales. At least two individuals were appearing from time to time. We went later for a search for minkes but all individuals which we encountered were elusive. Waiting for whales we were had fun watching porpoises. On our way back we found another humpback whale. This one was going for very long dives always coming back where we didn't expected. It was difficult to follow but we managed to take few good photos before heading back to harbour. We also saw some puffins flying around so we can officially say that spring is here.

    - Ewa Malinowska 

    Tour at 09:00

    Report from Eldey: After yesterday's canceled tours we were quite happy to sail out of Reykjavik again, not knowing what lies ahead. Not even an hour in the tour we heard there was some wildlife in the area. And indeed, around 4 minke whales were surfacing all around us in a very relaxed manor. Together with the sooth surface, it was really nice to observe them. Not long after we saw a humpback whale as well. This sub-adult was coming to the surface every few minutes, obviously feeding on the abundant fish that we could see below us on the fish finder. We stayed with the humpback and got to see the iconic fluke tail several times at the delight of all the people aboard. To top it off, as we started our trip back, we saw a 7-10 harbour porpoises swimming next to the boat, escorting us from the nutrient rich area. Magnificent!

    -Lucas Heinrich

    Bird species seen on today's tours include:: Atlantic puffin, black guillemot, northern gannet, northern fulmar, great black-backed gull, eider duck, razorbill

    We are sailing out from the Old Harbour today. There is little wind but it will be raining on and off today. All our boats have inside and outside areas and to make the tour even more comfortable we provide warm overalls. For more information please contact us via phone at +354 519 5000 or by e-mail at