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    Whale diary


    Status: RUNNING

    Tour at 13:00

    Report from Eldey: The sea was much calmer than in the morning and with the sun shining it made the trip very pleasant. We went out, enjoying the weather, then crossed the bay but could not find any signs of cetaceans. Only later on did we see a white-beaked dolphin jumping out and creating splashes but when we got closer it stopped and disapeared. On the way back the colours of the sky above the Whale Fjord were ranging from bright blue to yellow, a very beautiful sight. Passengers were given complementary tickets as the sightings were poor, but they did however ejoy the trip out at sea. 

    - Marina Rees

    Tour at 09:00

    Report from Eldey: A beautiful but cold morning in the bay, sheltered by the NE winds by the mountains Esja so the sea was very calm but became alot rougher as we headed further offshore. Our first sighting was of a minke whale that we were told about from another whale watching vessel. It was easy to spot the minke whales today with the cold air and the very sunny conditions, this made the blows very easy to spot. It was later in the tour where we had the best sightings, two minke whales and a small pod of 3-5 harbour porpoises. One of the minke whales was soooooo cute, very small and surfaced just 5-10 meters from the boat on many occasions. It was so exciting this morning with the minkes popping up here and there. Passengers having just as much fun as the crew in spotting the fast minkes. 

    - Megan Whittaker

    Birds seen on today's tour includes; common guillemots, great cormorants, eider ducks, northern gannets, black-headed gulls, glaucous gulls, iceland gulls.

    We are sailing from the Old Habour in Reykjavik on another beautiful day. There is little to no wind but could be some waves out on Faxabay and we hope you are able to join us on our tours today.