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    Whale diary


    Status: RUNNING

    We are sailing out from the Old Harbour in Reykjavik on this beautiful and calm day. We are looking forward to welcoming you to our tour! 

    Tour at 13:00

    Report from Eldey: What a tour! Words cannot express how spectacular this tour was! However, I will try to explain. Today the sea was beautifully flat and calm, there was very little wind and it wasn't too cold. Just after only 20 minutes of sailing we encountered out first cetaceans of the tour. A pod of 4-6 white-beaked dolphins surfaced very slowly only 80 meters away. This pod surfaced many times and each time came up in a different direction giving us a bit of a workout, During this encounter another pod was spotted in the distance which were coming up far more predictably so it was decided to take a closer look. This pod seemed to be a lot calmer than the previous and surfaced multiple time and very close to the boat even swimming right underneath us at times, so we could get spectacularly close views of their beautiful white and black patterned sides. While watching this pod a further 3 pods were spotted in the distance in varying directions. It seems the bay was full of dolphins today. On heading out further into the bay we encountered yet another pod of dolphins which were feeding. Not only were they feeding but they were using co-operative behaviours to do so which was absolutely incredible to watch! While some of the dolphins were swimming on their sides using their flukes (tails) to bat the fish into a tight ball the others would be leaping from above the surface pushing the fish down, while yet another dolphin would be waiting on the brink of the group ready to dive through the ball the others had created to fill its belly. What an astounding thing to see! After watching these amazing animals surface and feed for sometime we began heading back only to encounter yet another two pods of white-beaked dolphins and 2-3 harbour porpoises. With seven pods of dolphins and some harbour porpoises we dolphfinitely had a very action packed tour, what an incredible day!

    - Tess Hudson

    Tour at 09:00

    Report from Eldey: Beautiful sailing conditions expected us this morning out at Faxa bay. A fantastic sunrise coloured the sky and surrounding mountains in a soft shade of pink and we were enjoying sailing on mirror like sea with only a little wind. Spotting cetaceans turned out to be considerably easy and it did not take as long to see our first cetaceans. A small pod of 3 white-beaked dolphins appeared directly in front of us and we stayed with them for a little while. We were really happy to see their beautiful coloration and the good sea conditions enabled us to follow their path even underneath the water surface with our eyes. Then we continued our trip and soon came across another pod of 4-5 white-beaked dolphins which turned out to be a real treat. They surfaced multiple times very close to the boat, swam underneath, popped up on the other side and gave our passengers a bit of a work-out on board. It was great fun to watch them for almost half an hour before we started heading back. On the way to the harbour we saw a few more dolphins and 2-4 harbour porpoises in the distance. What a nice start into this day, what would turn out to be really dolphin-tastic.

    - Barbara Neubarth 

    Bird species seen on today's tours include: northern gannet, northern fulmar, common guillemot, razorbill, common guillemot, great black-backed gull, storm petrel, cormorant and eider duck.