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    Whale diary



    Tour at 13:00

    Report from Eldey: Our afternoon trip was splendid! After a little snowfall in the way to keflavik, we discovered that Reykjaness was completely free of clouds and a warming sun was our welcoming, a high valued commodity these days during the dark and stormy winter. The sailling started under these conditions and it didn't take more than 5 minutes until we found a nice pod of harbor porpoises popping up close to the boat, they 4-5 individuals which were surprising us for few minutes while we were sailing next to the magnificent cliffs of Reykjaness. When we continued our trip we discovered more surprises. Birdlife was active and diverse in such a way that a Merlin (very rare encounter in a sailing trip) appeared in from of the boat trying to hunt over a small bird, showing us how cruel and beautiful nature is. The sailing experience was very nice, especially in the way back to the port when we enjoyed a smooth ride having the waves in our back. Unfortunately, we considered that the quality of the encounters with cetaceans wasn't enough and we decided to give complimentary tickets. For sure next time, whales or dolphins are going to be waiting for us!

    -Rodrigo A. Martinez Catalan

    Birds seen during our tour: Eider duck, european cormorant, iceland gull, glaucous gull, merlin, black-headed gull, black-legged kittiwake, northern gannet.

    We will be sailing out from KEFLAVÍK today at 13:00 due to unfavourable conditions out of Reykjavík. A bus will be ready and waiting for passengers here in the Old Harbour and drive off to Keflavík at the scheduled departure time. After the tour we will return to Reykjavík by bus again. For more information please contact us by email or by phone +354 519 5000.


    Status 9:00 Tour: CANCELLED

    Due to bad weather conditions, we do have to cancel the Whale Watching tour at 9 am this morning. The tour at 1 pm will be announced as soon as possible. For more information please contact us by email or by phone +354 519 5000.