Vakinn – meeting the demand for increased quality in Icelandic tourism

Vakinn is a new quality and environmental system that came into effect in 2012. It is a product of increased demand for a standardized quality system suitable for all branches of tourism in Iceland.

The starting point for Vakinn

The work behind it began in 2008 when the Ministry of Industry, Energy and Tourism assigned the Icelandic Tourist Board and the Innovation Centre Iceland the project. It builds a lot on Qualmark, New Zealand tourism’s official mark of quality assurance, but has been adjusted and localized for Icelandic circumstances. It is meant to increase safety and strengthen quality and professionalism in the field of tourism.

Elding Adventure at Sea – the first to receive Vakinn's Gold Certification

Elding was one of the first to receive the Gold Certification in the summer of 2012. We are truly proud of this achievement and hope that it will encourage others to go the same way. What we particularly like about VAKINN is that it makes it easy for tourists and tour operators selling Iceland to know what to look for.

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