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    Whales & Whales of Iceland

    13000 ISK
    Children (7-15 years)
    6500 ISK
    Children (0-6 years)
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    2200 ISK
    Children (7-15 years)
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    Tour description

    Whale Watching tour and Whales of Iceland exhibition

    Spend the day watching whales at sea, in their natural habitat, and then learning more about them in the largest whale exhibition in Europe!

    Available: All year
    Duration: 4-5 hrs.

    Whale Watching The tour commences at our ticket office  in the Old Harbour in downtown Reykjavik where you can exchange your pre-paid voucher for admission tickets. Merely steps away you will find our Visitor Centre, facilitated on board a converted fishing vessel permanently placed by the pier, which is where you will meet our crew for the day. Before (or after) the tour you can stroll through our souvenir shop, have a drink at the Whale Café or enjoy the onboard whale exhibition located in the hull of the boat. The show includes multimedia images and videos of whales as well as fun facts about the cetaceans and other marine animals we are likely to come across on the tour. From that point you will be show to our whale watching vessel where the tour takes place. Once on board the tour boat you will find several outdoor viewing platforms, a large indoor saloon with an on board café where you can buy light refreshments, basic bathroom facilities and a cloak room where you can borrow one of our blankets or overalls on colder days. You can either stay outside in the fresh air but you are also welcome to stay inside the heated lounge and observe the views from within, through our large panoramic windows. One of our excellent guides will commentate on the sights and views at hand through the intercom system on board and will be available to you and happy to answer any questions you may have throughout the tour.

    Whales of Iceland is the newest and largest whale exhibition in Europe. Before or after taking the whale watching tour you can enjoy a stroll through this year-round indoor exhibition, which features life-size models of all 23 whale species found in Iceland´s coastal waters, as well as man-made skeletons of whales in spectacular interactive environment. Seeing these giant whales up close and personal in full-size is an experience not soon forgotten. The innovative exhibition features an interactive Minke whale and information stations that enhance and educate visitors about each whale. The exhibition space is stunning where the whales are the centerpieces and the atmosphere is like no other. You may feel like you are walking underwater. The strictest attention to detail and authenticity for the whale models was the foremost concern for Whales of Iceland. A marine biologist was consulted for accurate information and descriptive materials about each whale. The results of this data are beautifully rendered in the life size models that are realistic in size, anatomy and colour.

    Tour details

    9:00 / 13:00 / 17:00 / 20:30 /
    4:00 hours
    Hot tip
    Dress warmly and don't be shy to also put on our warm overalls!

    What’s included?

    • 3 hr. whale watching tour
    • Overalls to wear on board
    • Excellent guidance
    • Free parking
    • Free WiFi
    • Admission to the Whales of Iceland exhibition

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