Our response to COVID-19

As a responsible tour operator, the safety of our passengers, team and crew members is always our number one priority. We therefore comply with all public health measures and put great emphasis on cleaning, personal hygiene and infection prevention throughout our premises.

Hygiene and safety on board

Passengers and crew are asked to ensure their own hygiene and safety at all times while on our premises, by washing hands frequently and using a hand sanitiser on a regular basis. Sanitisation stations are available in high traffic areas.

Masks are now mandatory and are recommended to wear in areas where social distancing cannot be enforced. This is for your own safety as well as your fellow passengers and crew.

To comply with the new guidelines, our passengers will be allocated to one of two areas on board upon check in and will be able to move freely between the decks in that area, but we ask that no crossovers occur between other areas of the boat. 

Please don't hesitate to contact our team if you have any questions regarding infection prevention on our premises.

Clean & Safe Project

Elding participates in the Clean & Safe project set up by the Icelandic Tourist Board in efforts to help tour operators welcome their customers back in a responsible way, so that they feel safe while creating good memories. By participating in the project we hope that our passengers have an enjoyable experience, but most importantly that they feel safe and worry free during their stay.

The project has been approved by the Health inspection authorities in Iceland and World Travel and Tourism Council (WTTC). Read more about Clean & Safe here.

COVID-19 in Iceland

Iceland’s Response:
”The response of the Icelandic authorities and the goal of measures employed against COVID-19 have been clear from the very beginning. The focus has been on ensuring that the necessary infrastructure of the country, particularly the healthcare system, is capable of handling the workload that inevitably results.”

Gathering Restrictions:
”The maximum number of people allowed in the same location is 50 persons, with certain restrictions, both in public and private locations, outdoors and indoors. Face masks must be worn indoors wherever the 1 metre social distancing rule cannot be observed.”

Visiting Iceland:
”Travel restrictions are limits that are in place due to COVID-19 and are intended to prevent unnecessary travel while circumstances remain unpredictable and to reduce the risk of travellers bringing the virus to Iceland. Travellers, most of whom can usually travel without any hindrances to Iceland, are now obliged to provide proof for the reason of travelling upon arrival.”


This information was last updated on 17 November and is valid until 8 December 2021.