Skrúður was originally built as an ambulance boat in Norway but was brought to Iceland in 1988 to serve as a ferry boat. It came into the hands of the Elding family in 2012 and will be used mainly for private tours and as a ferry boat to Viðey Island. We have made a few changes to the boat to make it more suited to the adventures at sea we offer. 


  • Passenger capacity: 49
  • Saloon capacity: 36 seats
  • Built where: Stord, Norway
  • Built / rebuilt: 1976 / 2006
  • Hull material: Aluminum
  • Length: 16.52m
  • Beam: 4.8m
  • Engine: Bens x2, 1979/06
  • kW / horsepower: 744 / 1012
  • Extra's: Bar, sound system and a barbecue

More Info

Skrúður is a ferry boat, but works well for whale watching and other adventures at sea. It has a two viewing platforms and large indoor saloon. It is also well-suited for exclusive tours for medium sized groups.