Viðey ferry update:

Please note that the Viðey ferry with departure from the Old Harbour in Reykjavík has been suspended until further notice. 




Skrúður was originally built as an ambulance boat in Norway but was brought to Iceland in 1988 to serve as a ferry boat. It came into the hands of the Elding family in 2012 and will be used mainly for private tours and as a ferry boat to Viðey Island. We have made a few changes to the boat to make it more suited to the adventures at sea we offer. 


  • Passenger capacity: 49
  • Saloon capacity: 36 seats
  • Built where: Stord, Norway
  • Built / rebuilt: 1976 / 2006
  • Hull material: Aluminum
  • Length: 16.52m
  • Beam: 4.8m
  • Engine: Bens x2, 1979/06
  • kW / horsepower: 744 / 1012
  • Extra's: Bar, sound system and a barbecue

More Info

Skrúður is a ferry boat, but works well for whale watching and other adventures at sea. It has a two viewing platforms and large indoor saloon. It is also well-suited for exclusive tours for medium sized groups.