Þruma I-V


  • Capacity: 12 passengers (each)
  • Parker Baltic 900
  • Engine: Twin engine 225 hp Mercur
  • Length: 9m

More Info

Our RIB boats are especially made for Icelandic waters and are ideal for small group wildlife watching. Þruma I-V are used for our Reykjavík express whale watching and puffin tours as well as incentive tours upon request.

Frequently asked questions:

Why do I need to sign a waiver?

Prior to joining a RIB tour, all participants must complete and sign a waiver confirming their physical capability to undertake the journey, considering that the tour may entail physical exertion. If you experience chronic pain or illness, especially in the knees or back, it is highly advisable to consult with your doctor to evaluate your suitability for travel. This precaution will help ensure a safe and enjoyable experience for you.

Why is there a height limit?

The height limit of 145 cm is established to ensure the safety of our passengers. Participants need to reach the bottom of the boat while being seated on the saddle-like seats. Our crew members will instruct you how to "ride" the waves to enhance your comfort and safety throughout the journey. 

If you're uncertain whether you meet these requirements, please don't hesitate to visit our ticket office at the Old Harbour. We'll be happy to accompany you to the boat and assess your ability to travel safely.

Note that if you are travelling with young children, we recommend the family friendly Classic Whale Watching tour.

Is there an age limit?

While we aim to accommodate travellers from the age of 10 years, it's important to note that this age is approximate. Due to various factors such as safety concerns and the physical demands of the journey, we may be able to accept younger individuals who meet our height requirements or unable to accept seniors who may not be physically fit to participate.

Please contact us directly if you have any concerns regarding age or physical fitness limitations.

Can join if I am pregnant?

Certainly, pregnant individuals in their first trimester are welcome to join the tour, but we strongly advise consulting with your doctor beforehand. If you are beyond three months pregnant, we do not recommend participating in the RIB boat tour, however, you can still enjoy the Classic Whale Watching on our larger boats. 

It's important to note that pregnant women may be more susceptible to seasickness. We recommend ginger drops as a natural and safe alternate remedy to Dramamine!

Do you provide protective clothing?

We supply: All participants get their own thermal suit along with a personal flotation device which are both supplied by us. Wearing these is mandatory during the tour and you put them over your regular clothes (kindly remove your shoes while getting dressed). Feel free to wear your prescription glasses / sunglasses, but we will supply you with goggles which you can wear to protect your eyes / eyewear as we zoom into the bay.

Bring your own: Shoes, with sturdy soles (apart from sandals and high heels) are acceptable. If you only have open shoes, we can supply you with special over-shoes in our service center. We recommend that you bring your own hat and gloves, but if you didn't, you can purchase them in our souvenir shop before departure.

Note that if you are unable to zip up our largest suit (4XL), you may not be able to join the tour. If you have any concerns about sizing, please visit our ticket office at the Old Harbour. We'll be happy to assist you in trying on our suits!