Your contribution

Recognising our impact on nature

Travelling can have a great impact on nature. By recognising this and adjusting your behaviour, this impact can be reduced. We suggest choosing wisely and being thoughtful about the services you utilise.

What you can do

There are endless small steps we can all take to minimize our impact on nature. On our tours, we kindly ask that you follow these simple guidelines:

  • Please don’t throw anything into the sea.
  • Please don’t use more paper than needed
  • Please don’t use more water than needed
  • Please follow the instructions to recycle your waste.
    We have special containers for:
    • Bottles and cans
    • Cardboard
    • Plastics
    • Glass
    • Batteries
    • Aluminum and metals
    • Bio waste

Ask the crew members if you don’t see where to dispose of your recyclables.

We welcome feedback

Any feedback you have while you are on the tour, or after you get home, is also very important and welcome. If you have ideas or comments regarding sustainability please don’t hesitate to share your thoughts. It helps us to become better – for everybody's sake.