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    Nature and wildlife friendlier tours from Reykjavík & Akureyri


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    “Caught loads of fish”

    We did the fishing trip in August. First of all the boat and the crew were great (I've read some reviews of other companies where this wan't the case). I had never cuaght a fish in my life but within 10 mins all four of us had caught at least one fish and by the end of the 1h30 fishing we proably caught 30+ fish between us. We kept the bigger ones (Cod and mackerel) and threw loads back. The captain filleted some of the catch on the boat and cooked there in a BBQ on the way back and we took the rest of the catch home

    - Cathal M


    We booked a morning Whale watching tour with Elding and it turned out to be very rough seas and no whales or dolphins were spotted, obviously the tour is dependent on the animals themselves so this couldnt be blamed on the company. They were great though, we were offered complimentary tickets to go again and all along the way the staff were great and we were pre warned about the rough weather that caused a lot of people to be sick. We went back two days later for the afternoon trip and this was amazing as we saw many dolphins and also minke whales, was a very successful trip and well worth going again to see the animals in their natural habitat

    - Neil1986

    “Lucky Northern Lights Night”

    We booked a Northern Lights tour with Elding and were really pleased with the experience. The boat was big and comfortably accommodated the group. They provide warm one piece coveralls that help keep you warm while you look for the lights. The guide was friendly and helpful, quickly pointing out where to look as the clouds rolled away and the lights began to play across the sky. She also took pictures that she later posted on Facebook so that those of us without proper cameras could have evidence of our experience...

    - Fantajan

    “Great experience.”

    We were very lucky with the weather for whale watching and for searching for the Aurora Borealis. Saw the lights but were fairly static. You can't control nature. Still a good trip. A member of the crew recited some Icelandic poetry. Didn't understand a word but it was FABULOUS. Would love to know where to find poems. Whale watching, unfortunately no whales, but plenty of white beaked dolphins. Long tailed ducks, gannets. A great experience. Can't wait to go again. Would highly recommend both of these tours...

    - Gina A

    “Fantastic experience - highly recommended.”

    We sailed with Elding on 12th December and followed two Orcas in the Bay, which was an amazing experience. The spotter was very enthusiastic and knowledgeable and the Skipper of the boat respectful of the whales. Although we got fairly close to them, he ensured we gave the Orcas plenty of space and turned off the throttle to reduce the noise level. The company also requested that visitors did not buy whale meat in the City in order to reduce the level of whaling in the area. The flotation suits, which fitted over our coats, are an absolute must as it was naturally very cold. All in all this was an incredible experience with an experienced environmentally friendly company.

    - lemonhoops

    “Great experience”

    We had a great time on this Northern Lights night cruise. We were lucky enough to see some good displays in the sky almost as soon as we set sail. Megan, our guide, was very well informed and great at spotting the signs of emerging displays.
    The boat did pitch a little even though the sea was calm so we were glad we had accepted the free sea-sickness tablet offered at the start of the trip so that we could enjoy the journey without feeling off-colour.
    A good trip as it incorporates a boat trip, possible sightings, information and a nice hot chocolate and rum drink!

    - 123Aqaba

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    Mar restaurant

    MAR is an interesting new restaurant in prime location in Reykjavík‘s old harbour. The cuisine and the restaurant designed to deliver fresh and uplifting dining experience, unique to the harbour area.

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