Our team

Elding whale watching – family ties and friendship

Our team is brought together by family ties and friendship. Three generations of family have worked together with many great employees over the years to make Elding what it is today.

Knowledge, experience and a respect for nature

We also put great effort into recruiting and training new employees. Knowledge, experience and respect for nature are the most important qualities that we look for. We prioritise the need to maintain a good sense of morale and that's why our seasonal employees return year after year to work for Elding.

Working together to bring you the best tour possible

Over the years we have had great luck with employees, some of whom have been with us from the start. This includes nearly 50 full-time employees who take care of everything from running the tours to maintaining the boats. In summer our team grows to around 140 employees, as students and other personnel join the team to make our busiest season run smoothly. All of which ensures the best tours possible for you.