Atlantic cod (Gadus morhua)


Cod is probably the most frequently caught fish on your sea angling tour with Elding. Cod is the most important marine resource in Iceland and most of the changes in Icelandic fisheries have more or less been focused around the sustainability of cod stocks. Such as the expansion of the EEZ closing areas, reduction in amount fished and controlling the fleet size. According to the Icelandic fisheries in the last 30 years, yearly catch has been fluctuating between 160,000 to 470,000 tonnes.

Average length from catches: 45-85 cm
Age reaching sexual maturity: 5-7 years
Average life span: 13-17 years old
Spawning Season: Winter
Habitat: Benthic
Diet: Copepods, shrimps, krill, sandeels, herring, benthic invertebrates etc.
IUCN world status: Vulnerable
Threats: Handline, longline, Danish Seine, bottom trawl and gillnet
Other Names: Þorskur, Gjedd, Loddetorsk, Skrei, Torsk, Dorsch, Kabeljau, cabillaud, Morue, Morue de l'Atlantique, Toskur, Bacalao, Bacalao del Atlántico, Bacalhau, Bacalhau-do-Atlantico