Safety is very important to the Elding team - in fact it is our number one priority!

  • Our policy is to ensure the safety of our passengers and employees by taking every possible precaution to guarantee safety. Our mission is that no one is harmed on the Elding premises. 
  • Our crew regularly attend safety courses and are required by law to complete a comprehensive basic safety and survival training (STCW) at the Icelandic Maritime Safety and Survival Training Centre to minimise the likelihood of mishaps and other unfortunate incidents.

  • We emphasise that our facilities, equipment, tools and clothes meet all the latest safety regulations and have our gear tested on a regular basis.

  • Every year we make very detailed risk assessment for all our activities and premises to evaluate the probability of accidents in each field of our operation.

  • We follow national safety regulations and strive to continuously seek knowledge in safety matters both nationally and internationally to improve ourselves in safety measures for our passengers, employees and partners.

  • We do a lot of accident prevention and one part of that is to have safety practices (verbal and physical) on board which gives us a better understanding of the boats we work on and how best to work together if anything does happen.