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    Research -for greater understanding of our surrounding marine system

    We take part in research and provide a platform for researchers on board our boats. Photo identification is the most essential form of research and just by photographing the dorsal fin, body scars and/or fluke of the whale we can

    • tell one individual from another
    • see where they migrate
    • see which other individuals they like to associate with
    • note if they return to the same areas
    • estimate age and population

    A single photograph is therefore a treasure trove of information.

    This is what we do

    We photograph any distinguishable features like notches, nicks and/or indentations in the dorsal fin. Patterns on the underside of the fluke and even mottling, scars, tooth rakes and obvious discolouration on the body. If you would like to help please email photographs to our research team. Photographs need to be good quality, sharp, and a close up.

    To better understand the important work our researchers do, please visit:

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