Research for greater understanding of our marine environment

For many years, Elding has actively participated in important wildlife research initiatives, fostering partnerships with marine biologists and providing a unique platform on our boats for their research endeavours.

Building upon this legacy, we have taken the initiative to establish our own research programme, dedicated to advancing marine conservation efforts and deepening our understanding of the intricacies of the local marine ecosystem. Our commitment to research stems from a profound appreciation of the importance of preserving marine life and the need to contribute to the ongoing scientific exploration of our precious marine environment.

Through our research, we aim to not only protect and conserve our surrounding ecosystem but also to engage and educate our community and passengers about the vital role marine life plays in our world.

    How do we do it?

    We photograph any distinguishable features such as notches, nicks and indentations in the dorsal fin, any patterns on the underside of the fluke and even mottling, scars, tooth rakes and obvious discolouration on the body. The distinctive features are sort of like our fingerprints, which are essential for individual identification.

    A single photograph is a treasure trove of information and can provide critical insights into migration, habitat choices, social associations, population growth and more. If you would like to assist with our ongoing research, please feel free to share any photographs taken on our tours with our research team. Photographs need to be good quality, sharp, and a close up.

    To better understand the important work our researchers do, you can visit:

    Meet some of our regulars!

    Donut April-August 2007
    Peanut April-August 2007
    Midi February-September 2008
    Resight Guy May-September 2008
    Humpie May-September 2011
    Gills August-September 2012
    Oreo April-August 2012
    Tattoo June-September 2016
    Þröstur July-August 2015

    Our catalogues mainly focus on humpback whales, minke whales and dolphins, although in recent years we have developed an orca catalogue as well due to increase in sightings. Learn all about the crew favourites that we have encountered on our tours throughout the years!