Common Gull (Larus canus)


The Common Gull is quite a recent known breeder to Iceland. First known to breed at Akureyri, N. Iceland, in 1936 and has spread around Iceland since then. They closely resemble the Herring Gull but are smaller, about the size of a kittiwake.  They are a gregarious species usually found in large flocks even away from the breeding grounds. Generally found close to the coast or inland.

Average Length: 41 cm
Average Weight: 400 g
Wingspan: 120 cm
Diet: Fish, seabird chicks, eggs, scavenger, offal
Est. population around Iceland: ~300 - 400 pairs
Residence Period: All year round
Nesting habitat: Nests in open areas in between rocks or vegetation
Nesting Period: Mid May to Mid July
Clutch size (No eggs): 3
Incubation time (days): 22-28
Fledging time: 34-36
Typical life span (years): 10
Age at first breeding (years): 3
IUCN world Status: Least concern
Major Threats: Predation, egg collecting in Germany, Russia and Poland, human disturbance
Other Names: Stormmáfur, Stormmåge, Kalalokki, Sturmmöwe, Gavina, Mewa pospolita, Gaviota cana, Stormmeeuw, Goéland cendré, Fiskemåke, Alcatraz-pardo, Fiskmås