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    Whale diary

    Compostable cups and lids!

    Finally - we have our very own COMPLETELY COMPOSTABLE coffee cups and lids available onboard our vessels! But, how are they different from regular coffee ones? The materials come from sustainable resources and are made of all-organic ingredients and rather than being coated with petroleum they are lined with corn.

    Traditional Cups

    Our Cups


    Plant based

    Creates CO2

    Removes CO2

    Not compostable

    Fully Compostable

    Composting has many benefits and rather than our waste going to landfills and taking a long time to deteriorate and break down, we can feel good about them being quicker to go back into the soil. Our oceans are already getting flooded with plastic pollution and we gladly take any chance in minimising that effect. The more waste we can compost, the better for the planet. 

    Hurray for another great step towards a greener future and a plastic free Elding!