Guðrún Ósk Friðriksdóttir

Guðrún has been a part of the Elding family since 2018 when she started working in our ticket office in Reykjavík. Since then, she has tried on a few hats within the company and is now a part of the sales team as a project manager. Additionally, she is a licensed RIB boat skipper and is working towards getting her captain's permit to steer our bigger passenger boats! She has a Bachelors degree in Marketing & International Business and is currently writing a thesis for her Masters degree in Innovation.

In 2018, my journey with Elding began, starting off in the ticket office. Since then, I've shifted to the sales team and, as needed, the role of a deckhand on the boats. What intrigues me about Elding is the dynamic nature of my role. One day, I'm in the sales office; the next, I'm lending a hand in the ticket office. Then, there are those days on the boat, where I enjoy the encounters with wildlife and the captivating northern lights during winter. Honestly, what's not to love about a job that provides such a varied workplace and an incredible team!

Guðrún speaks fluent Icelandic and English.

Project Manager
00354 519 5000