Miquel Pons

Miquel started working at Elding as a naturalist back in 2019. He has an MSc in Marine Biology and specialised in cetaceans, statistics and demographic analysis by working for several NGOs in France and Spain. His passion for wildlife and photography made him very enthusiastic about birds as well. Check out his Instagram: @octopons

Working as a guide at Elding is a great opportunity to work in the sea, living everyday a different adventure with a crew that cares about the environment, observing cetaceans and wildlife in general. It also gives me an excellent context to talk about environmental awareness, using the experience that we share to interest passengers about biodiversity loss and climate change causes.

Miquel speaks fluent French, English, Spanish and Catalan.

Miquel Pons naturalist guide
Senior Naturalist & Research Coordinator
00354 519 5000