Pedro Teixeira

Pedro started working as a naturalist at Elding in April 2023. He knew what being in Icelandic waters was like before, as his experience comes from Vestmanneyjar's Icelandic Orca Project. There he did photo-ID, hydrophone, and behaviour assessment of orcas from the South of Iceland. He also had the opportunity to work and share knowledge with puffin researchers, which sparked his new passion for bird life. He has a BSc in Marine Biology and Biotechnology from the Polytechnic of Leiria in Portugal. Check out his Instagram: @pedrodteixeira

My passion for cetaceans and conservationism made me move to Iceland and work with Elding. Faxaflói offers an opportunity to watch and study other species and enhance my experience as a guide and person. I love sharing my knowledge about these gentle giants on the microphone to educate people and make them aware of their existence and importance in the world.

Pedro speaks fluent Portuguese, English and Spanish.

Naturalist & Deckhand
00354 519 5000