Haddock (Melangrammus aeglefinus)


Haddock is easily recognised by the black lateral line along its white side and a black blotch behind the pectoral fins. Haddock is the most common and preferred species of fish to be eaten in Iceland. This may be because cod was better suited for salting and thus exporting making haddock more available for local consumption.

Average length from catches: 50-65 cm
Age reaching sexual maturity: 3-4 years
Average life span: Live up to 10 years
Spawning Season: Spring (April – May)
Habitat: Benthopelagic
Diet: Mainly bivalves and polychaetes but will eat small fish if available
IUCN world status: Vulnerable
Threats: Longline, Danish Seine and bottom trawl
Other Names: Ýsa, Hyse, Kolje, Kuller, Schellfisch, Églefin, Hysa, Eglefino, Arinca, Eglefino, Pksha