Humpback Whale (Megaptera novaeanglia)


The Humpback Whale is quite spectacular undergoing the longest migration of any mammal (5176miles/8334km one way), attracting females by singing to them and of course their energetic nature. On many occasions humpbacks have been seen breaching, tail slapping, fin slapping, blowing bubbles and spy hopping just to mention a few. The humpback is also one of the larger whales we encounter on our whale watching tours.

Length: 13-17 meters
Weight: 25-40 tons
Life expectancy: 95 years
Est. population around Iceland: 1.000-2.000
Social behaviour: Like to travel in a pair but more may come together in feeding and mating grounds
Diet: Schooling fish, krill
Suborder: Mysticeti – Baleen Whale
Family: Balaenopteridae – Rorqual
IUCN Listing: Least Concern
Major threats: Climate change, noise and chemical pollution, marine debris, human disturbance, habitat loss and entanglement in fishing lines and nets
Other Names: Hnúfubakur, Buckelwal, Rorqual à bosse, Pukkelhval, Knølhval, Ballenajorobada