Iceland Gull (Larus glaucoides)


They are a winter visitor and despite its name the Iceland gull doesn’t breed in Iceland. They breed in the Arctic areas of Greenland and Canada. They look like a smaller version of the Glaucous Gull but they have a smaller bill and rounded head compared to the Glaucous Gulls flatter head.

Average Length: 56 cm
Average Weight: 750 g
Wingspan: 145 cm
Diet: Fish, seabird chicks, eggs, scavenger, offal
Est. population around Iceland: Non breeder in Iceland
Residence Period: Mid September to Early June
Nesting habitat: Non breeder in Iceland
Nesting Period: Non breeder in Iceland
Clutch size (No eggs): No Data
Incubation time (days): No Data
Fledging time: No Data
Typical life span (years): No Data
Age at first breeding (years): No Data
IUCN world Status: Least concern
Major Threats: Hunted extensively in Greenland
Other Names: Bjartmáfur, Hvidvinget mage, Grönlanninlokki, Polarmöwe, Bjartmáfur, Gabbiano d’Islanda, Mewa polarna, Gaviota polar, Kleine burgemeester, Goéland à ailes blanches, Sarki sirály, Grønlandsmåke, Gaivota-polar, Vitvingad trut