Kuðungurinn 2017


Elding received Kuðungurinn award for outstanding performance with environmental work in 2017

Elding started paying special attention to environmental issues in 2006 by integrating Green Globe (now EarthCheck) into our daily operations to get a clear insight of the matter within the company. Now, years later, we are still nowhere near finished. Environmental issues are a big part of our work and the Elding team joins forces by taking on the matters at hand in unison.

We were presented with Kuðungurinn, an environmental award of the Environmental and Natural Resources Agency, for the year 2017! We proudly accept Kuðungurinn award and are glad to get recognised for doing good work. Kuðungurinn recognition is a great motivation for us to do even better and we hope to inspire others to do the same. 

It truly matters who you choose to experience Icelandic nature with.