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Long-tailed Duck (Clangula hyemalis)


These sea ducks are mainly found in the north of Iceland however occasionally we see them on our tours in Faxaflói Bay usually January to March time. They are very gregarious especially in the wintertime when you may see them in aggregations of hundreds even thousands.  Their prey mainly consists of crustaceans, molluscs (shellfish) and small fish, which they get from diving to depths usually between 3-10m but they are capable of diving to depths of 60 m.

Average Length: 44 cm
Average Weight: 730 g
Wingspan: 76 cm
Diet: Small fish, mollusks, crustaceans
Est. population around Iceland: ~ 3000 – 5000 pairs
Residence Period: All year round
Nesting habitat: Nests in open areas in between rocks or vegetation usually close to water
Nesting Period: Late May to Late July
Clutch size (No eggs): 6-9
Incubation time (days): 24-29
Fledging time: 35-40
Typical life span (years): No Data
Age at first breeding (years): No Data
IUCN world Status: Vulnerable
Major Threats: Habitat disturbance and degradation, entanglement in fishing gear, hunter in Denmark, diseases
Other Names: Hávella, Havlit, Alli, Eisente, Moretta codona, Lodówka, Havelda, Ljseend, Harelde de Miquelon, Havelle, Pato-de-cauda-afilada, Alfågel