Minke whale re-sight discovery!

Wed, 01/08/2020 - 18:14

An interesting discovery was made recently by our research team as they looked through last year's encounters. They came to the conclusion that minke whales were our most frequently sighted species in the summer of 2019, or over 522 times!

By implementing the simple, non-invasive method of photo-identification they were able to estimate the actual abundance in Faxaflói. Using it, they concluded that just from February to August 2019 we encountered 19 identifiable minke whales and 30 unidentifiable minke whales.

The special surprise was a resighting of a minke whale we call Coffee that was last seen in the area in August 2011 - we saw it again in August 2019, or 8 years and 7 days later!

Read more about it in our research blog.