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Fri, 11/15/2019 - 11:45

Since 2007 we have welcomed and provided a platform for marine biologists on board our boats. With help of some amazing researchers we have been able to study the three main encountered species on tour tours; white-beaked dolphins, minke whales and humpback whales. By studying the wildlife we see on our tours, we hope to further understand their social behaviour, feeding habits, migration, estimate age, population and more.

We mainly use a method that is non-invasive, called photo identification, meaning that we photograph any distinguishable features like notches, nicks and/or indentations in the dorsal fin. We also look for patterns on the underside of the fluke and even mottling, scars, tooth rakes and obvious discolouration on the body. A single photograph is therefore a treasure trove of information.

On board our whale watching vessels, you will find information about our research program and can even look through our wildlife catalogues. The catalogues are a list of whales that we have come across throughout the years and include photographs and detailed information about each individual. You can even compare your own photos to ours!

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