Friday, 28 March 2008

Tour at 13:00

In the beginning of the tour we tried to find the orca again, but unfortunately could't spot it again. So we headed out into Faxaflói and encountered a very big group of Harbour porpoises, at least 10 came up a lot of times, surfacing very slowly and great to observe.

Tour at 9:00

The sea conditions were not the best in the morning but still the boat went out - and unbeleavable but true: An ORCA was spotted rigt outside the harbour. It was a full-grown male and it was alone, we could observe it sufacing serveral times, swimming really slowly and it took direction into the bay. After 30 min of observing it, we stopped following and sailed further out in order to find more whales. But - after the great luck of soptting the ORCA, we didn't find anything more.