Monday, 1 July 2024

Monday, 1 July 2024

Today we will be operating our Classic Whale Watching on our lovely vessel Eldey at 9:00, 13:00, 20:30 and our just as lovely catamaran Elding at 11:00. Our Premium Whale Watching tours are unfortunately CANCELLED at 10:00, 12:00, 14:00, 16:00 and 20:00.

  • CLASSIC WHALE TOUR | 9:00, 11:00, 13:00, 20:30
  • CLASSIC WHALE TOUR | 15:00, 17:00
  • PREMIUM WHALE TOUR |10:00, 12:00, 14:00, 16:00, 20:00


Report from Eldey: This morning we sailed out onto a windy grey bay but cosy in our overalls and hot chocolates in hand. We sailed South first as that is where we have been lucky the last few tours, and spotted an elusive minke whale. This minke stayed around our front and was a bit tricky to see and then suddenly came up extremely close! We tried to spot it once more but also wanted to head further out to see what else was around. We sailed around a bit covering our hotspots but unfortunately no luck. We did enjoy seeing puffins and the magnificent landscape before heading back. At the end of the tour we handed out complimentary tickets so that everyone can try again another day for free! These are also valid in the North of Iceland so handy if people are travelling around.

- Anna Richter


Report from Eldey: We set sail from the harbor on a cloudy day with rough seas. Excited to start the week with some sightings, we set off into the bay of Faxafloi. After a long search accompanied by small groups of puffins that were around the boat, we spotted a pod of 2 white-beaked dolphins. They are very elusive, suddenly in the same direction we saw a blow, and that means only one thing... HUMPBACK WHALE!! it comes to the surface 4 times to feed with the dolphins, but minutes later it disappears. We decided to continue our journey when we saw that they did not appear again. After a long time exploring, we spotted a humpback whale so close to us but did not appear again. We decided to slowly make our way back to the harbor in the hope that we would see something and that it would not be elusive. Unfortunately we only saw a couple of white beaked dolphins that appeared on one occasion. Therefore, although we saw a few species, the sightings were very short lived and we gave complementary tickets to the passengers.

- Sergi Gonzalez


Report from Eldey: this afternoon we sailed out against the wind into the bay. We headed to a few spots where we been lucky in the last weeks. In some areas we saw a lot of puffins and arctic terns feeding but unfortunately no cetaceans were to be spotted. We kept sailing through various areas but to our disappointment no animals were to be found. Because of that we offered all our passengers complimentary tickets so they can try their luck on the next whale watching trip for free.

-Mariana Veloso


Report from Eldey : For our last tour of the day, we ventured into Faxafloi under a dramatic sky, loaded with heavy clouds but no rain. We cruised in several areas of the bay, spotting many species of birds like arctic terns, northern gannets, Atlantic puffins or guillemots, but the cetaceans did not show. At the end of the tour, we distributed complimentary tickets to all passengers that wished to come try again a different day. 

Birds species that have seen today:

Atlantic puffin, Northern fulmar, Northern gannet, common guillemot, razorbill, black guillemot, Arctic tern, herring gull, black backed gulls