Monday, 7 April 2008

Tour at 13:00

On this tour we encountered a group of 5 White-beaked dolphins right in the beginning, they were quite playful and we observed them for a while before heading further out in the bay. It was a hard search but far outside in the bay we finally sotted a Minke Whale and it surfaced a few times near the boat. A group of Harbour porpoises appeared soon after, again nice to watch. On the way back home, the captain spotted a big whale breeching close to the harbour area as well as a huge blow soon after. We headed towards that direction in the hope to find a Humpback Whale - unfortunately we did not manage to find the whale again. But who knows what is going to expect us on the next trips.... we never know what we can find, and wildlife is always good for a surprise!

Tour at 09:00

We spotted a large group of Harbour porpoises who stood in the area for quite a while even if they did not come very close to the boat. Nevertheless we could observe them well. during the rest of the trip we spotted twice a Minke whale surfacing in 100 m distance but both were only passing by and we could not find them again after the first sighting. This was quite unlucky in this tour and we offered our guests to come on board again in the afternoon.