Saturday, 12 April 2008

Tour at 13:00

Again we had lovely weather in the afternoon and very good whale watching conditions! Much earlier than expected we spotted the first whales. There were at least four minke whales and they were easy to watch. Some really nice and "whale-watching-friendly" harbour porpoises showed up, too. Those little animals are usually very shy and difficult to watch, but today the acted almost like dolphins! They swam around the boat and weren´t shy at all. After that we went a bit further out and again found some minke whales in another area. They were as easy to watch as the first animals. Here too, we spotted harbour porpoises. As if this wouldn´t have been enough for today we spotted on the way back to the harbour again a few minke whales. Of course we had to stop a short while to watch them. All together this was a particularly nice tour with a lot of good sightings!

Tour at 9:00

A lovely weather has been essential today to spot whales out in Faxafloi today. Clear sky, calm sea, allowed us to spot a lot of harbour porpoises that surprisingly approached the boat . We could see them really from close and even swimming underwater! We also spotted several minke whale individuals, which come close emotianting us!