Sunday, 13 April 2008

Tour at 13:00

It was still snowing a bit in the afternoon but the wind calmed down. This made for good whale watching conditions in the beginning of the tour. In the same area as yesterday we spotted our hero of the tour: one particularly nice minke whale. We watched it for quite a while till it dissapeared. Shortly later we found a second one but right afterwards it went into a deep dive and we were not able to find it again. While we were searching for more whales a harbour porpoise crossed our path. We had to be quick to spot it. We spent some more time searching but unfortunately we couldn´t see any other animals.

Tour at 9:00

It has been snowing today out in Faxafloi bay, but the whales were there! We had a chance to spot several minke whales and it was really interesting to have them close, to hear them breathing and to realize there was so much wildlife out there even if the weather was cold and rough!