Whale Watching Centre

Elding’s Whale Watching Centre is housed in a converted fishing vessel just steps from the Elding ticket office; it is an ideal stopover before going on a tour.

On board this “floating museum” we offer information about whales, birds, marine life and the research projects conducted on board our boats. Deep inside the hull of the ship, below the ocean’s waterline, guests can enjoy videos of whales and see a whale’s skeleton, baleen plates and more while hearing the whales’ songs echo.

Guests can also enjoy free WiFi, books, photos and a children’s play area and/or sit down to enjoy light refreshments in the Whale Café and check out the range of local souvenirs before or after their tour.

Entry is free to all Elding passengers!

Opening hours of the Whale Watching Centre 
Summer 8:00-17:00 
Winter 12:00-13:00


Whales are amazing 


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