Whiting (Merlangius merlangus)


This species is commercially caught in European waters but low value bycatch in Iceland. In the past, due to the low commercial value of this species, many countries considered it to be food for the poor or pets.  Now because stocks are declining it has become more highly valued. 

Average length from catches: 30-40 cm
Age reaching sexual maturity: 2 years
Average life span: Live up to 10 years
Spawning Season: Late Spring to Early Summer
Habitat: Benthic usually found in shallow waters (30m deep)
Diet: Small juvenile fish
IUCN world status: Not Evaluated
Threats: Climate change, over fishing, habitat destruction, pollution
Other Names: Lýsa, Blege, Hvitting, Hvilling, Wittling, Merlan, Hvítingur, Merlán, Badejo, Corvelo, Merlng