Wolffish (Anarhichas lupus)


The wolfish is a priced catch to recreational and commercial fishermen alike. They have very strong jaws and teeth to enable them to crush shellfish and echinoderms (sea urchins, starfish, sea cucumbers). Unlike most other fish the Wolffish (usually the males) will guard its eggs until they are hatched. When this is done they will all migrate to other areas around Iceland.

Average length from catches: 50-60 cm
Age reaching sexual maturity: 6 years
Average life span: ~ 20 years
Spawning Season: Autumn to Early Winter
Habitat: Benthic
Diet: Crustaceans, echinoderms, shellfish and fish
IUCN world status: Vulnerable
Threats: Climate change, over fishing, habitat destruction, pollution
Other Names: Steinbítur, Atlantic Catfish, Gråsteinbit, Havkatt, Steinbit, Havkat, Stribet havkat, Søulv, Gestreifter Katfisch, Seewolf, Loup de l'Atlantique, Loup de mer, Loup marin, Perro del norte, Peixe-lobo-riscado, Zubtka polostaja