Blue Whale (Balaenoptera Musculus)


The blue whale is the largest known animal to have ever lived on our planet! Their heart alone weighs 600 kg. and is about the same size as a small car and even a small child could crawl through the aorta (main artery of the heart). They feed mainly on krill, which is somewhat like a small shrimp or prawn and can eat up to 4000kg a day. They are also one of the loudest animals on the planet getting to levels of 188db compared to a 747 jet engine at 140db. Unfortunately they were almost hunted to extinction as about 360,000 were killed between 1900-1960 alone. 

Length: 25-30 meters
Weight: 150-200 tons
Life expectancy: 90 years
Est. population around Iceland: 700-1000
Social behaviour: Mainly solitary but come together in feeding and mating grounds
Diet: Krill, small schooling fish
Suborder: Mysticeti – Baleen Whale
Family: Balaenopteridae – Rorqual
IUCN Listing: Endangered
Major Threats: Climate change, chemical and noise pollution, ship strikes
Other Names: Steypireyður, Baleine Bleue, Ballena Azul, Blåhval, Blauwal, Baleia-azul