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  • BLUE WHALE (Balaenoptera Musculus)

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    BLUE WHALE (Balaenoptera Musculus)

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    The blue whale is the largest known animal to have ever lived on our planet. The heart alone weighs 600kg and is about the same size as a Volkswagen beetle car and even a small child could crawl through the Aorta (the main artery of the heart). They feed mainly on krill, which is somewhat like a small shrimp or prawn and can eat up to 4000kg a day. They are also one of the loudest animals on the planet getting to levels of 188db compared to a 747 jet engine at 140db. Unfortunately they were almost hunted to extinction as about 360,000 were killed between 1900-1960 alone. We started seeing this species regularly in October 2011 from Grindavik, thought to be those migrating down from the north.


    25-30 meters


    150-200 tons

    Life expectancy:

    90 years

    Est. population around Iceland:


    Social behaviour:

    Mainly solitary but come together in feeding and mating grounds.


    Krill, small schooling fish


    Mysticeti – Baleen Whale


    Balaenopteridae – Rorqual

    IUCN Listing:


    Major threats:

    Climate change, chemical and noise pollution, ship strikes.


    Steypireyður, Baleine Bleue, Ballena Azul, Blåhval, Blauwal, Baleia-azul