Grey Seal (Halichoerus grypus)

grey seal

Seals and Sea lions are collectively called Pinnipeds. Grey seals are generally distinguished from harbour seal by their straight head and fewer spots. Males are darker and larger than the females who tend to be a silver, grey or brown in color. Grey seals and harbour seals are the only seals that have been reported breeding in Icelandic waters. 

Length: 2-2.5 meters
Weight: 180-300 kg
Life expectancy: 25-35 years
Est. population around Iceland: ~ 5.000 animals
Social behaviour:Diet: Seen in small numbers
Diet: Fish (cod, catfish, herring, lumpfish)
Suborder: n/a
Family: Phocidae
IUCN Listing: Least concern
Other Names:Major threats: Entanglement, pollution, climate change
Other Names: Útselur, gråsel, gråsæl, gråsäl, graues Siegel, phoque gris, foca gris, harmaahylje