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Tue, 03/03/2020 - 17:45

Elding has a long standing commitment to reducing its carbon footprint. On board our boats and throughout our premises, we work hard on implementing extensive recycling routines with the assistance of our incredible team of staff and passengers alike.

We had seen an increase in use of single-use coffee cups throughout the years, so we decided to take matters into our own hands. In 2017 we started off by offering our very own fully compostable coffee cups in our onboard caféteria, but soon decided that we wanted to do more. In 2018 we had stainless steel bottles made (for hot and cold drinks) to further reduce the use of disposable cups on board. For 2020, our goal is to promote even more reusable options by rewarding our customers for being responsible consumers of on-the-go drinks!

Here is how you can save money as well as the environment while on our tours:



Bring your own reusable cup

Get 50% off tea / coffee drinks

Use your compostable cup again

Get 50% off your next tea / coffee

Buy an Elding bottle

Get unlimited FREE tea / coffee

Get involved and learn about all the different ways you can help out while on board. We hope to see many of our future passengers bring their own cups on board and enjoy the benefits. Thank you all for helping the environment!

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