Viðey Ferry:

All Viðey ferry departures have been suspended until further notice!



Report from Eldey: Weather forecast was not in our favor to search for Northern lights but we gave it a try. Sea was calm but… it was snowing! It was hard to stay positive and optimistic about the sky clearing up that night but against those bad feelings quite soon clouds above our heads opened up. Fast it become much clearer and then our cameras started to catch a green light going in a straight line across the sky. First there was nothing to be visible for a naked eye but after a while lights become brighter and we had a beautiful long line of aurora starting on the horizon, going above us to end up on the top of  the mountain Esja. For next hour light was becoming brighter and duller, constantly changing shape, to give us the final show when we were heading back – a curved line of a bright light followed us till we reach the harbor. One more time Icelandic weather showed that mother nature doesn't follow what was predicted in the forecast. 

- Ewa Malinowska


Aurora activity: 2/9 

Weather conditions: S 2m/s 0°C

Cloud Cover: Clouded

Moon status: Waxing Crescent. Illumination: 20%

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