Viðey Ferry:

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Report from Eldey and Hafsulan: A bitterly cold, yet calm night in Reykjavik. Ideal for us to be going out on two boats tonight. We had a thin veil of high clouds in the sky, but all around there were clear patches and stars glistening even through the clouds. With the winds being rather strong tonight, we decided to seek shelter close to Mt Esja, a beautiful sight this time of the year as, due to the snow covering it, it is even visible in the night. Also the night scenery of Reykjavik and the mountains and lit up skifield behind it is incomparable. So enjoying this scenery, warming up with hot chocolates inbetween, we waited patiently for the lights to show themselves. It was nearly 2 hours into our tour when, seemingly out of nowhere, a green arch appeared! It became bright really fast, for some seconds a second arch appeared, and just as fast as it had started, everything fainted to a more dim green. Just as we began to head back, surpriiiise, a double green arch, bending and moving further to the north than before. Absolutly splendid. The lights kept us awake tonight, moving in and out as they came and went, but one place they will surely stay is in our memories.

-Viivi Pöyhönen & Megan Whittaker

Aurora activity: 2/9 

Weather conditions: E 9m/s -3°C

Cloud Cover: Clouded

Moon status: Full Moon, Illumination: 100%

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