Report from Eldey: It was a cloudy night as we sailed out with a crispy cold wind blowing. The forecast for tonight was very good in terms of northern lights activity and the clouds cleared up eventually, making it suitable conditions for any aurora hunt. We sailed to our designated spot close to snowy Mt Esja and glued our eyes onto the sky looking for any signs of auroras starting. They usually start very light and are first only visible through the camera and only later to the naked eye once they get brighter. We were photographing any lighter looking patches in the sky in hopes of them turning out to be green through the camera but to our big surprise there was no signs at all. The forecasted northern light activity level was good but since we are dealing with a natural phenomenon, the forecast sometimes turns out to be  inaccurate. We want our passengers to get the proper aurora experience and therefore everyone got a complimentary ticket allowing to join us again on another cruise for free within the next two years. Hopefully next time´s the charm!

- Viivi 

Aurora activity: 3/9 

Weather conditions: E 6m/s -3°C

Cloud Cover: Clouded

Moon status: .Waxing Gibbous, Illumination: 93%

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