Report from Eldey: The night started a lot cloudier than from what was predicted in the forecast. But with the KP Index climbing to a 5 on some of the forecasts we were realy optimistic and extra happy about the temperatures being well above freezing point tonight so we could be outside easily the entire duration of our tour to definitely not miss out on the first sign of the northern lights or aurora borealis. The clouds broke apart and gave view to the sky through patches after nearly an hour so we sharpened eyes and cameras. At 11pm all hopes were bursting! Skies nearly clear and the forecast saying there was activity happening right that moment. But eventhough we stayed until nearly midnight, given the great forecast we wanted to give it our all, the lights did not share our optimism. All passengers of tonight were thus offered a complimentary ticket to use a second chance to experience the lights in the sky.

- Raul Zabala Belengur

Aurora activity: 3/9 

Weather conditions: SE 6m/s 4°C

Cloud Cover: Clear Skies  

Moon status: Waxing Gibbous Illumination: 90%

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