Viðey Ferry:

All Viðey ferry departures have been suspended until further notice!



Report from Eldey: The northern light forecast for tonight was quite promising and the tour itself did not fell behind. We barely had time to prepare as just as soon as we left the harbour the northern lights started to appear! Though the lights held for a while they vanished right after a really intense green glow. Though we were all very excited to have witness this outstanding natural phenomena, we were all left craving for some more. After the northern lights played a bit hard to get, closer to the end of the tour they strike again and shined even more intensively then the first time! Another mission accomplished by Elding.

- Inês Cunha


Aurora activity: 3/9 

Weather conditions: E m/s 0°C

Cloud Cover: Partially Clouded

Moon status: .First quarter Illumination: 47%

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