Viðey Ferry:

All Viðey ferry departures have been suspended until further notice!



Report from Eldey: Finally we could go out again and hunt for the northern lights. We had a promising forecast and we all went out with high hopes to see the mystic nothern lights. The high clouds were all over the skies in the beginning of the tour but as the forecast predicted the clouds scattered and we had a clear skies to the north above mountain Esja. We could see a lot of stars, the big dipper and the polar stars and the weather was nice and calm so we could easly be outside without getting cold. Unfortunately the activity was not there and the northern light did not want to give us a show tonight. We were taking pictuers the whole time hoping to see a glimpse of green in the camera but tonight was not the night... So we offered all our passengers to come with us and try again for free within two years and hopefully we can give some people another chance to see the northern lights.

- Louise Bergqvist

Aurora activity: 2/9 

Weather conditions: N 4m/s 1°C

Cloud Cover: Clear Skies

Moon status: Waning Gibbous, Illumination: 73%